How to Wash Scrunchies

How to Wash Scrunchies? We know how much you love your hair scrunchies because we do too! And you probably have a vast collection to show off. That said, have you washed them lately? Owning a scrunchie is probably one of the most ordinary things on this planet we call earth, however as an owner/user, you never think about such trivial matters like washing them, right! Anyways if you are like us, then you probably need to know that scrunchies must be washed.

That’s right, welcome to the club, and since now you know that scrunchies need to be washed once in a while, the next question is probably, how to wash scrunchies?! But do not panic because we’ll be sharing with you all there is to know about scrunchies and their proper care.

Like anything else or most things you wear, scrunchies tend to get dirty, especially when you wear them for months. They become part of your personal or signature style if you will, for may these are the de-facto hair accessory. And the truth is scrunchies go with you wherever you go; in addition to your hair, you probably wear them on your wrist, with cute sundresses, when you’re working out, and even to bed. So it’s pretty safe to say they are probably dirtier than you think.
The reason why it is about time to learn how to wash scrunchies.

How to Wash Scrunchies & Scrunchies FAQ’s

Elastic hair ties Vs. Scrunchies

When comparing hair ties to scrunchies, the difference is obvious; the extra fabric in scrunchies is what sets them apart. These same extra bits of material give way for a greater surface area for sweat and dirt to collect. While elastic hair ties only collect sweat.
This is probably the reason why the leftover water from washing your scrunchies may not be exactly crystal clear.

How to use scrunchies?

Scrunchies are the preferred hair accessory for many; check out a different way to employ them.

1. Use to protect your hair. Scrunchies can be used to protect your curls while you sleep. Satin scrunchies are highly recommended for maintaining your curls at night.
2. Use to avoid breakage. Scrunchies are great to avoid hair breaking; you could use them for ponytails and buns, especially if you have fine hair, and as a better alternative to hair ties.

What are scrunchies made of?

Scrunchies are manufactured utilizing all types of different materials. Scrunchies are made with fabrics including cotton, nylon, spandex, polyester, linen, rayon, silk, etc.
Scrunchies come in a lot of different fabrics and present different textures and colors. They are mostly made from soft materials which don’t cause friction or damage your hair.

This is a great quality about scrunchies, but it is also important because, similar to the shirts and pants you wear, the materials your scrunchies are made of determines how you should wash them.

How to wash scrunchies?

When it comes to washing your hair scrunchies, many people debate themselves about whether to wash them by hand or in the washing machine. The answer is in the fabric.

Fabrics like cotton, nylon, spandex, and polyester can all be thrown in the washing machine and washed in the delicate or normal setting with the rest of your clothes. Other fabrics like linen, rayon, and silk -it is highly recommended to only be hand-washed. Hand washing is not as bad as you think; the process is a lot easier; either way, we’ll show you the process step by step of both methods.

How to machine wash your scrunchies

If you own scrunchies that can be washed with a machine, follow the next steps. While there are people that throw them in the machine with the rest of their clothes, you may want to be more careful because it could cause machine issues.

1. Get either a net bag, sock, or lingerie bag
2. Place your scrunchies inside and tie them up carefully
3. Now you can throw it in the machine for washing.
4. To machine dry, place these semi-dried scrunchies in your dryer and dry it; make sure you bag them before the deed.

How to hand wash your scrunchies

1. Fill a large bucket with warm water and add a few drops of fabric softener or shampoo or your favorite soap.
2. Begin by scrubbing one by one and soak your scrunchies a few times gently by hand.
3. Rinse off your scrunchies in freshwater.
4. Squeeze any excess water out of your scrunchies
5. Now, all you have to do is lay (or hang) them to dry in a warm, sunny spot.

Tips to air-dry your scrunchies

After rinsing the scrunchies, squeeze out any excess water and place them in a bowl. Leave outside to dry.

  • Just in case it is too cold outside, lay them out on a towel and place them next to a window.
  • When air-drying your scrunchies, be patient because it will take a while.
  • You can also hang them out and dry them inside.

How to store your scrunchies

It is also important to store your scrunchies correctly to avoid weird smells, so follow the next tips to store your scrunchies.

  • Hang them using a clip and avoid hanging them by the elastic.
  • Please keep them in a dry place and avoid unnecessary heat when you store them.
  • Always keep them in a bunch.
  • You may want to consider investing in a scrunchie holder.

How to avoid weird smells on your scrunchies

If you want your scrunchies to look and smell good at all times, then you should

  • Wash them as often as you can
  • Dry them properly and make sure that they are not soaked or drenched when you store them.
  • Could you keep them in a cool and dry place?

Things to know about scrunchies

  • You don’t need to be an 80’s baby to know or use scrunchies; these hair accessories are very much in trend now in 2021.
  • Scrunchies are extremely gentle on your hair; that’s why it is the go-to hair accessory for many women.
  • They work especially well for women with curly hair.
  • Just like with other accessories, you need to clean your scrunchies regularly.

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