How to Clean Shoelaces

Going through life with dirty shoelaces is unacceptable unless you are five years old, and even then, you should make sure your child has clean shoelaces. You may not think about such trivial matters, but there is actually a right way to rock your shoelaces. So if you want to learn how to clean shoelaces, then keep on reading.

It is only natural for shoes and shoelaces to get dirty with all kinds of things possible. But if you think about it, it is the part connected to your footwear that you come in contact with the most. Having that thought in mind, you’d probably want them to be clean before you touch or manipulate them, right!

Nobody can go unnoticed if they have dirty shoelaces on their shoes, and besides, shoelaces are pretty durable, so if they get soiled, all you have to do is clean them up, making sure you look presentable and tidy at all times. Now that you understand how important it is to keep your shoelaces clean, grab yourself pen and paper and check out how to clean shoelaces, I bet you’ll also want to know how to clean white shoelaces

How to Clean Shoelaces & Shoelaces FAQ’s

What are shoelaces made of?

Typically, shoelaces are made of different materials such as leather, hemp, or cotton; but there’s also a wide variety, including nylon and polyester, and elastics.

Why are shoelaces the dirtiest part of footwear?

Shoelaces can be the dirtiest part of your shoes! Just think about it, laces get dragged on the ground, get splashed and spattered with dirt and bacteria, and then transfer those germs to our fingertips. Laces also drag along floors, distributing the germs in our homes.

How to clean shoelaces

If you notice your shoelaces don’t seem their original color anymore, that is a pretty obvious sign that they need to be cleaned. If not too worn out, there’s no reason to get rid of them just yet if they can be washed and get them looking like new. There are two easy ways to clean shoelaces:

Cleaning shoelaces in a washing machine

  1. Get the shoelaces off your shoes.
  2. Do a little pre-treatment to get rid of any stuck-on grime. All you need to do is: Run shoelaces under a stream of water and, using a toothbrush or shoe brush, remove any debris.
  3. If dealing with bad stains, do a spot treatment. You can use laundry detergent or a spot treatment to attack any noticeable stains.
  4. Place shoelaces in a mesh lingerie bag. This will prevent them from getting tangled during the wash cycle.
  5. Run a regular wash cycle.
  6. Let the laces air dry.

How to Clean Shoelaces by hand

You can also clean your shoelaces by hand following the next steps:

  1. Get the shoelaces off your shoes.
  2. Do a little pre-treatment to get rid of any stuck-on grime.
  3. If dealing with bad stains, do a spot treatment. You can use laundry detergent or a spot treatment to attack any noticeable stains.
  4. Place shoelaces in a mesh lingerie bag.
  5. Make your cleaning solution. Fill a bucket or sink with warm water. Add a little detergent.
  6. Submerge the bag containing the laces into your cleaning solution. Allow the laces to soak for at least 20 minutes.
  7. Remove the bag from the solution and remove the shoelaces from the bag.
  8. Rinse off by placing the shoelaces under a stream of water. You can also try swishing them around in a basin of clean water. Do this until no more soapy water can be seen.
  9. Hang the shoelaces and wait until completely dry. You can hang the laces over a sink or towel and allow them to air dry.

How to Clean leather shoelaces

If you own a pair of leather shoelaces, here is how you properly clean them to get them looking on point!

  1. Get rid of any dirt from the lace with a toothbrush. Removing debris now can save effort and help spare the fabric. The good thing about leather laces is that these laces are not as absorbent as synthetics, so debris is easily removed.
  2. Mix saddle soap and warm water and wipe gently and thoroughly to the whole shaft of the lace, using a damp cloth.
  3. Allow your laces to dry on a drop cloth or old newspaper.
  4. Once your laces are completely dry, apply a natural oil to bring back the leather’s sheen. Olive or coconut oil are good options. You can do this by using a drop of the oil onto a clean rag and gently applying it to the shoelace. These steps will allow the lace to soften and improve its appearance.
  5. Let air dry for a while. After applying the oil treatment, you need to let them air dry once again for a few hours. You need to be patient because if you attempt to relace with laces still not dry, you can stain your shoes.

General Tips on How to Clean Shoelaces

  • If machine washing your shoelaces and in the case that you do not have mesh lingerie or laundry bag, you can try washing your shoelaces in a knotted pillowcase instead.
  • Shoelaces should not go into the dryer. It can cause the shoelaces to shrink, and those plastic tips could melt.
  • If cleaning solid-white laces, you can substitute a bit of bleach instead of detergent.
  • Wear gloves and avoid putting your bare hands in the water when working with bleach, as it may cause your skin to become irritated.
  • When cleaning leather laces, never soak the leather in the soap solution, as this can ruin the tan or discolor the leather.
  • Do not expose your leather laces to the sun, as they can bleach and lose color.

When there’s nothing to be done

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