How to Wash a Bamboo Pillow

Bamboo pillows are perhaps one of the best inventions ever; these wonderful pillows, also known as memory foam pillows, not only help you have a better sleeping experience but offer other amazing benefits. If you are a bamboo pillow owner or are perhaps thinking about getting one, then you may want to dig in on how to wash a bamboo pillow.

Learning about the proper care of your pillow is crucial for its durability and to protect your investment. While it is not rocket science, there are certain tips and tricks you must be aware of when washing your bamboo pillow if you don’t want to end up literally destroying your precious pillow.

A bamboo pillow can give you peaceful sleeping nights for years to come, but only if you know how to care for them properly. Most people are searching for ways to get a better night’s sleep; getting yourself a couple of bamboo pillows is certainly a good idea. So check out our guide on how to wash a bamboo pillow below!

How to Wash a Bamboo Pillow & Bamboo Pillow FAQ’s

What is a bamboo pillow?

A bamboo pillow is a sleeping pillow that gets its name because it is fabricated from a bamboo-based viscose outer covering filled with shredded foam that offers comfort and support.
Bamboo is a renewable and sustainable resource, making it a great material to use on pillows.

What are some of bamboo pillow benefits?

The bamboo viscose material is believed to have greater strength than other pillow coverings.
The shredded foam molds to fit your head and neck providing a better sleeping experience.
The bamboo blended fabric is supposedly stronger than silk but softer than cotton.
Producers also claim this pillow sheds heat.
It is anti-microbial
It is naturally resistant to odors, dust mites, and germ.
It is also hypo-allergic.
These are highly recommended for people with asthma, allergies, and breathing problems.
May avoid snoring.
Provides better alignment of the spine.

Are there any downsides to bamboo pillows?

Most require handwashing and air drying.
Their initial smell needs to be aired out
They can be ruined if mishandled.
It can be quite firm, so it may take time to get used to.

Can a bamboo pillow be washed?

The answer is yes, a bamboo pillow can, and it should be washed. Bamboo pillows can be either hand washed or machine washed. Some manufacturers recommend handwashing only, so bamboo pillows are considered high maintenance because they require extra care to make sure that they will last.

While the bamboo cover can be washed in the machine, the actual pillow should only be hand washed.

Which bamboo pillows should not be washed in the machine?

Bamboo pillows, especially those with regular memory foam, cannot be machine washed. The washing cycle is too aggressive for memory foam and will result in destroying your pillow. If you put it in the machine, it will cause it to lose its shape and even crumble to pieces.

Now, every rule has an exception. Some bamboo pillows like the ones with shredded memory foam allow machine washing under specific guidelines.

How often should a bamboo pillow be washed?

Experts say you should wash your bamboo pillow once every three to six months; this will ensure the longevity of your bamboo pillow.

How should a bamboo pillow be dried?

The general rule is that bamboo pillows should only be air-dried since they are vulnerable to heat. However, some memory foam pillows tell you to place them in the dryer to activate the memory foam—the reason why we encourage you to read the labels of your specific pillow.

How to wash a bamboo pillow

When caring for your bamboo pillow, it is best to handle it with love and attention. Your pillow would be safest if hand washed. All you have to do is follow the next steps:

The thing you’ll need:

  • Gentle detergent
  • Washing basin or deep sink (a bathtub is a good option)
  • Pillow drying rack


Take care of the bamboo cover first.

Once you have removed the bamboo cover from the pillow, proceed to machine wash on a gentle cycle using normal water.
Ensure never to use water that is too hot or cold, or else it can get ruined. Always wash gently in warm water to prevent any shape distortion.
Transfer the pillow cover to your dryer when the washing machine process is done. Start a delicate cycle with low heat until completely dry.

Hand washes the memory foam pillow.

Using a small amount of mild or gentle detergent and lukewarm water, wash the pillow by hand. Keep the water between 90-110 degrees F to ensure you don’t ruin the memory foam. Squeeze in the detergent to make sure that the whole pillow is properly cleaned.

Remember not to go overboard with soap or water, or else you may have a hard time rinse the pillow out and dry it properly. The pillow can be covered in water, but it shouldn’t be completely soaked through.

Rinse the pillow

Be meticulous when rinsing your pillow; you need to make sure there’s no more soap in it.
You must get all the soap out of the pillow after washing it. So rinse not just one time. Once all the soap has been rinsed out, and most of the water has been removed, it is drying time.

Let the pillow air dry

After handwashing, allow your pillow to air-dry. You can use a pillow drying rack hanger for best results and hang it to dry in the sun.

How to Wash a Bamboo Pillow Additional Tips

  • While washing a bamboo pillow, use tepid water.
  • For best results, utilize only a soft and gentle detergent that doesn’t contain bleach; this is ideal for washing these bamboo pillows.
  • It would be best if you used the gentle cycle in the machine.
  • Check for any tears or holes in the pillow cover and fix them before putting the pillow in the washer.
  • If washing in the machine, you may want to add some towels to the load to keep the machine level; that said, it is also possible to wash a single pillow.
  • To avoid any wrinkles on your pillow cover, remove it from the dryer once it’s dry and lay it on a flat surface.
  • If doing a spot clean, use little water and a mild or gentle detergent that doesn’t contain bleach.
  • It is not recommended to wring or twist your pillow.
  • Always use the delicate cycle when it comes to drying the bamboo pillow cover.
  • A pillow drying rack can be quite useful to maintain the shape of the pillow while it dries out.
  • Ensure that the pillow is completely dry before you sleep on it again; a little bit of dampness could allow mold or mildew to grow.

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