How to Keep Birds Away

Have you been dealing with some annoying birds lately? We’ve all been there but instead of allowing the birds to stress you out, look for ways to keep the birds away. Though birds can be helpful in some ways, most of the time, they caused damage to your home and your garden. The reason why, we will be sharing with you today, is how to keep birds away.

Garden owners growing fruits and veggies at home may experience the bad side of birds visiting their property. In this scenario, birds can be considered a pest that feeds off your garden. Birds can also cause damage to other structures at your property and leave droppings that can affect your health.

But do not panic if you have a case of uninvited birds visiting your grounds; there are ways in which you can keep them away without causing any harm to them; that’s the last thing you want to do; after all, birds are also part of our ecosystem. Now that you know it is important to keep birds away safely, let’s learn a few different methods of achieving this successfully.

Tips to Keep Birds Away

  • The success of bird control relies on knowing what attracts them first, then all you have to do is get rid of those things, avoiding them from coming around again and again.
  • Put not just one bird deterrent, three or four sound better. The more obstacles you can put out, you’ll see a decrease of birds coming around to your garden.
  • People tend to forget or may not be aware that their pets’ food is lovely to birds. So in the case that you normally feed your pets outside, don’t. Otherwise, you’ll also be calling in birds for dinner as well.
  • Just like sources of food, birds of all kinds most likely arrive for water supply. So, if you have a water feature in your garden, birds will see this as an invitation to a birdbath and drinking fountain.

How to keep birds away

Check out different methods to effectively keep birds away.

Repellent Sprays

It is easy to purchase a bird repellent spray. However, you can make your own version with chili peppers, water, and vinegar at home. To make this spray, follow the steps:

  1. Crush dried red or green chili peppers into a mixture of water.
  2. Heat the mixture in a crockpot for a few hours to infuse. The other option is to place in a clear glass in the sunlight for a natural infusion.
  3. Pour the repellent in a plant mister and spray any areas where birds may cause problems.

Garden Balls

This natural bird repellent can be placed in your garden or hung from trees or fence posts. These round and colorful balls will confuse birds with eyes and try to avoid them.

Shiny objects

Shiny objects are great for keeping birds away. The reflection of light on these objects will make birds not want to return to that specific area. Shiny objects you already have at home and typically used to keep birds away include CDs, aluminum cans, tin foil, small mirrors, or even metallic wrapping paper. All you need to do is hang these near nesting or landing spots.

Flying kite bird repellent

A bird repelling flying a kite is considered among the best ways to keep birds away. These kites essentially scare birds away even from a distance. With the kite flying high above, standing guard, birds won’t soar overhead and poop all over your belongings.

This method has been proven to work best by installing bird kites that are large, vividly colored, and reflect light. This combination works because the size will make them visible from afar. The color will make the kite stand out, and sun rays reflecting on the kite can make birds disoriented and ultimately avoid the kite.

Motion-activated sprinkler

A motion-activated sprinkler is another great method to keep birds away without causing any hurt to them. Birds are easily scared; this works to our advantage because they tend to fly off at the slightest sign of danger. An unexpected shower of water that is activated when the sensor detects movement certainly does the trick.

Sonic canon

With a sonic canon, you can easily scare birds off your property. This sonic cannon is a propane-powered device that blasts booming sounds at random. There are adjustable settings to how often you want it to sound.
It basically mimics the sound of a gun being shot; the booms are adjusted at regular intervals, which will effectively keep birds from coming around.


Anything that moves weirdly can be used to scare birds off and keep them away. Using a bird deterrent laser works because the little moving pinpoints of light moving unpredictably seem unnatural to birds since they don’t like things they can’t make heads or tails of.

How To Keep Birds Away FAQ’s

What species are considered pest birds?

Pest birds include robins, house sparrows, starlings, crows, and other species of birds. Woodpeckers are known for drilling into mature coniferous trees and mixed-hardwood forests where dead trees can be found. Seagulls are one bird species that is very aggressive and noisy. Those who live near the coast may come in contact with them.
Most birds get allured to food sources: insects, earthworms, seeds, rotten fruit, corn, and vegetables of all kinds.

What smells do birds detest?

It is known that birds don’t like citronella and peppermint, so you can get oils with these scents to keep birds away.

Is bird deterrent tape effective?

Yes, the bird deterrent tap works. However, you need to install it in different and targeted areas to ensure that the birds can see them.

What will keep birds from nesting on the porch?

Most people have success keeping birds away from their porch by using a decoy horned owl or a dead crow decoy.

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