How to Get Nail Polish Out of Carpet

How to Get Nail Polish out of Carpet? No matter how careful you are when applying your nail polish, sometimes tragedy strikes, and then it happens; it gets all over your beautiful, perhaps new, or recently cleaned carpet. At that moment, you start panicking, and cold sweat lingers down your forehead because you are at a loss on how to proceed. If that scenario resonates with you, you are in the right place because we will share everything you need to know to get nail polish out of your beloved carpet.

So you or your kid got distracted for a second, and nail polish is now all over your carpet; you must know that you are not alone and that it happens to the best of us on a sunny day. What you need now is to take a deep breath and keep calm because there is light at the end of the tunnel. So if you got nail polish on the carpet, do not worry, there is something that can be done, and most likely, your carpet should be fine.

However, this common and seemingly simple tragedy occurs more often than you imagine; the important thing is knowing the right way to get the nail polish out with success. Now that you know that it is not all lost when you accidentally spilled nail polish on your carpet, it is time to learn the proper ways to clean your carpet and get rid of that nail polish that shouldn’t be there in the first place.

How to get nail polish out of carpet

We will share with you different ways to remove nail polish stains from your carpet.

Hair Spray + Rubbing Alcohol

  1. Using cold water, wet the nail polish stain.
  2. Depending on the size of the stains, spray a good amount of hair spray directly onto stains and follow up with small splashes of rubbing alcohol.
  3. With a toothbrush, scrub the nail polish stain for a few minutes; at the same time, pour cold water directly onto the stain spots.
  4. Follow with a non-acetone nail polish remover onto the stain and continue to brush.
  5. Using a cloth, blot the stain to switch to a clean side of the cloth to avoid smearing and spreading the stain.
  6. Now that you are left with excess liquid, use a wet/dry vacuum around the stained area.
  7. Repeat this process until the stain is completely gone.


This pantry essential has been known to have success in such cases.

  1. Wet the stained area thoroughly with plain vinegar.
  2. Place a vinegar-soaked paper towel on top of the area.
  3. Let it sit for about 10 minutes, then gently blot and scrub the stain until it is gone.

Baking Soda + Ginger Ale

  1. Sprinkle enough baking soda on the area until it covers the stain.
  2. Pour ginger ale on top of the area and let it soak for about 10 minutes.
  3. Scrub gently until you no longer can see the stain.
  4. Rinse the area with water or a wet cloth.

Nail Polish Remover

  1. Soak a portion of a cleaning cloth or paper towel with the remover.
  2. Gently dab the stain, taking care not to smear the stain.
  3. Repeat until you see no more stains.

Dish Soap

  1. Dilute a small amount of dish soap mixed with warm water.
  2. Dab nail polish remover on the stains.
  3. Use your dish soap solution to clean the area and counteract the remover’s strong scent.

Window cleaner

  1. Blot as much as you can to remove any excess nail polish.
  2. Using a sponge or dishcloth, apply a small window cleaner to the stain and scrub in a circular motion. It’s important to note that you must use an ammonia-based product.
  3. Wash out the affected area with water, and let dry. The stain should disappear.

Dry Cleaning Solvent

  1. Work about a teaspoon of the cleaner into the stain with an old toothbrush.
  2. Let it set in for 10 minutes.
  3. Rub in circles at the stain with the same toothbrush, but this time wet the brush with water to further remove the spilled nail polish. The bristles will begin to remove the stain.
  4. Wipe the area down with a clean, dry cloth.
  5. Once you see no more nail polish stains, vacuum the carpet to remove any remaining dry carpet cleaning granules.

Trim the stains

Carpets come in all sizes and colors, with varied textures and fibers; let’s say the nail polish stain is on a shaggy carpet. Then you may consider giving your carpet a trim. Just be careful not to create a bald spot.

  1. Allow the polish to fully air dry.
  2. Grab a pair of sharp scissors to trim the tips of the carpet.

How to Get Nail Polish Out of Carpet Additional Tips

  • Act on it; you should clean up a nail polish stain as soon as you notice it. The longer you wait, it will set in, and it’ll be more difficult to get it out.
  • If your nail polish is wet, blot the excess spill with a paper towel until nothing comes off. Do not repeat, do not rub or wipe at the polish; by doing that, you’ll only be spreading the stain and making it worse.
  • If nail polish is dry, scrape as much of it off as you can utilizing a dull knife.
  • No matter your preferred cleaning method, make sure to do a spot test first. You can do this in a hidden corner of the carpet or rug. If the rug becomes discolored or you notice the rug’s coloring, you may want to switch up your solution selection.
  • If you use the nail polish remover method, make sure the one you use is non-acetone and dye-free.
  • Nail polish remover works best on fresh stains that have not yet dried completely.
  • Do not use nail polish remover on dark carpets; nail polish remover could negatively affect darker rug dyes.
  • If you are dealing with stains on a white or light color carpet, use the non-acetone nail polish remover method.
  • If all else fails, call a professional, they employ specific methods to clean the spot.

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